Welcome to Bluewater Key! Whether this is your first visit or your tenth, please take a moment to read this information carefully. Also, please make sure all members of your party, have reviewed and understand the information presented here. If you have children, absolutely go over the applicable sections with them. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Take a boat out

The waters surrounding the resort are a wonderful place to relax on a raft or do a little snorkeling and swimming. The waterway also provides access for boaters wishing to explore the area beyond the resort. This means that boaters and swimmer must share the water. To ensure your safety, and to prevent property damage please follow these simple rules.

We want your stay to be enjoyable and above all, safe. Please help us by following these guidelines. We don’t want to end anyone’s vacation however please understand that failure to follow these rules may result in you being asked to leave. Be sure to let the office know if you see something unsafe. 

The waters surrounding Bluewater Key are very shallow. Getting to the ocean, or anywhere beyond the resort means crossing miles of water as shallow as 1.5 feet. The bottom is hard rock.

Prior boating experience is highly recommended before operating in the waters near the resort.

Take off zone

Shallow draft boats are required. In general, a maximum draft of 18”, and a maximum length of 24 ft.  Bluewater Key makes no confirmations as to whether a particular boat will safely maneuver the waters around Bluewater and the Lower Keys. It’s the responsibility of the boat captain to make this determination.

In addition to having a shallow draft, your boat must be capable of getting on plane in a very short distance. Bluewater Key has a small area called the  “Go Zone” which is marked by a buoy. It is the only place a boat is permitted to throttle up and take off. The depth in the “Go Zone” transitions from approximately 8 feet deep to 18 inches in a short distance.  Again, the bottom here is hard rock. Do not throttle up early to make it out. Doing so is dangerous and will cause damage to the floating docks.

When returning to the resort by boat you must approach as slowly as practicable and cut your throttle in the “Go Zone”. Do not carry your speed into the No Wake Areas.

While approaching the resort keep a sharp eye out for swimmers/snorkelers who may be present in the “Go Zone”. Although swimmers are asked to stay out of the “Go Zone”, it is possible you may still encounter them. Swimmers always have the right of way.

These rules apply to all powered vessels including personal watercraft.

Please note: It is the sole responsibility of the vessel captain to operate safely and in accordance with all (state) rules and regulations. 

Swimmers and snorkelers should stay well away from the “Go Zone”. This is where boats will be taking off from and returning to. It is dangerous to swim in that area.

RV lot

Florida state law requires all snorkelers/divers to display an approved  “divers-down flag” while snorkeling in areas where boats may be operating. This includes the waters surrounding Bluewater Key. As a guest here you must display the divers-down flag whenever you are engaging in this activity. This means if you are wearing a mask and snorkel you need a diver flag.

Florida state law does not require swimmers to display a flag however using one is strongly recommended to ensure the boaters can easily see you.

A flag buoy (pictured here) that floats along with you is the best way to stay visible and safe.

What does the water look like around Bluewater Key?

Where do boats take off?

The following are links and information that you may find helpful. Bluewater Key makes no warranties as to the accuracy of this information. Please verify all information for yourself.

What are the boating zones?
No wake zone

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