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Rules and Policies


An Ownership RV Park with Covenants, By-laws & Articles of Incorporation

ALL sites are privately owned.  Please respect the ownership and do not enter any other site without permission from the owner.


WINTER OFFICE HOURS:  9AM-5PM Monday – Saturday, 10AM-4PM on Sunday


QUIET TIME: Monday - Saturday 10PM-9AM, Sunday Quiet all day, please!



  1. All Tenants and Guests MUST register in the Office.  Rent is due and payable upon arrival.
  2. All RV’s must be self-contained with their own bath, toilet and kitchen facility
  3. Soft-sided pop-up campers, truck campers and tents are NOT ALLOWED. 
  4. The minimum length requirement of ALL RVs is 24 feet (traveling length)
  5. Please unhitch or hitch your tow vehicle OUTSIDE of the gate, load & unload vehicles on tow dollies or trailers in the storage yard, not outside the gate
  6. Only 1 RV and a maximum of 2 other vehicles allowed per site
  7. No boats, boat trailers, cargo trailers or car dollies allowed on sites for storage.  Storage is available for a fee in our storage lot
  8. No parking on the pea rock surrounding the People/Pet Parks
  9. No repair or maintenance of vehicles allowed on a site
  10. Speed limit is 9 MPH.  All vehicles must display guest/visitor tag from rearview mirror
  11. Motorcycles must be in idle speed when traveling through the park
  12. Only persons with a valid driver’s license may operate a motor vehicle in the Park, including golf carts, scooters, etc.
  13. No washing of an RV or other vehicle without prior permission from the Office
  14. No idling of coaches during quiet hours
  15. Maximum of 6 people per RV.   Maximum of 2 pets per site
  16. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Do not leave pets unattended while you are away
  17. Please pick-up waste from your pet and dispose properly in a trash receptacle.  Dog waste bags and receptacles are provided in the Dog Park
  18. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone whose pet is NOT considered suitable to the serenity/safety of the resort
  19. We provide curbside trash pick-up (9AM TO 1PM only).  Please have your trash placed in a plastic bags curbside before 1pm.  DO NOT leave trash out overnight.  Dumpsters are located in the storage lot.  WE RECYCLE.  Place items in the blue container and leave at the curb.
  20. POOL hours are sunrise to sunset.  NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  21. No pets allowed inside pool fence
  22. No glass containers allowed at the pool
  23. No open fires allowed anywhere in the resort, no grills or motorcycles allowed under the tikis 
  24. Please do not carve, work with tools or spray paint under the tikis
  25. No cloths-lines allowed on sites 
  26. Please place cigarette butts in proper receptacles 
  27. Firearms of any kind are PROHIBITED in the Park.  Bows & arrows, sling shots and air guns are also PROHIBITED
  28. FIREWORKS of any kind are PROHIBITED
  29. Use of illegal drugs is PROHIBITED
  30. Noxious behavior of ANY kind is PROHIBITED
  31. We welcome children in our Resort, but they MUST be chaperoned by an adult at all times. Please be aware of vehicles entering and leaving the park and watch your children on bikes. Children are not allowed in the storage lot.   
  32. Children under 14 years old, using the pool facilities, MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times  
  33. Please DO NOT operate the windscreens on the tikis; they are very expensive!  Contact the maintenance staff for assistance in raising and lowering the windscreens. 
  34. Please keep sites neat and clean
  35. Wood or charcoal fires and grills are prohibited
  36. You must have a valid drivers license to operate any motorized vehicle within the Resort; including golf carts and scooters

RESERVATIONS guarantee a CATEGORY of site, but not a specific site number. Special requests are honored whenever possible. No refunds for early departures.


Tenants and Guests MUST assume financial responsibility for any damage or injury caused by themselves, their children and/or pets. The resort is not responsible for personal injuries or damage, loss or theft of any personal property or vehicle. We reserve the right to evict any person(s) who do not comply with the rules and policies.



WIFI: The resort features basic free WIFI, and premium high speed WIFI can be purchased for a fee.

ICE: Ice is available for purchase at the office during office hours; $3 for a 10lb bag.

STORAGE: Storage accommodations are available through the Office, click for Rate Details

FEE FOR WASHING VEHICLES: $20 for RV. $10 for cars/boats, boat engine flush $5

EMERGENCY: CALL 911 or Resort Manager (305) 745-3929


We wish you a pleasant stay in PARADISE!! 


Bluewater Key
A Luxury RV Resort

2950 Overseas Hwy
Key West, Florida

(305) 745-2494

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